The Fastest Way to a Dragon's Heart

A Comic Collaboration between Shyguy9 and Durg

"Sophie is a dragon girl unsatisfied by her sex life. The only person who knows how to push her buttons is her human girlfriend Belinda, and she just took a vacation! Now, with such a big hole to fill, will anyone be up to the challenge? A chance encounter while out on the town just might provide Sophie with the release she needs... if this Durg guy doesn't let his hunger get the better of him first!"

The Fastest Way to a Dragon's Heart is a 40-page, full-color kink comic featuring mature content. That means ADULTS ONLY!

Themes include: human-on-anthro, femdom, male pred/female prey, soft oral vore, anal vore, and good old-fashioned sex. Enjoy!

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USD 20.00

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